Anonymous said: Can I pitch you a film client to appear on the show? Thanks!

HI there, I’m just seeing this message now, so I’m not sure when you sent it. We are on hiatus now and not sure if we’re coming back, but please do pitch any ideas/people you have!


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British Producers in a Tiny White Car.


Toast for Dinner. 

A Craigslist Scam.

A Big Coffee Date. Therapeutic Exercises. A Job For People With Capetown Tram Experience. 

And a MAJOR Announcement. 


NOT Living the Dream turned 1 today!
Listen to our first episode of 2014 here or on one of many other venues - out today!
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NOT Living the Dream turned 1 today!

Listen to our first episode of 2014 here or on one of many other venues - out today!

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Greetings fellow NLTDers! The Two Girls from New Jersey are back with a bangin’ (yup, that’s right) episode featuring special guest, Maggie Klaus. Maggie has got IT going on. In addition to being a two-time Emmy nominee and having appeared on one of “Days of our Lives” most highly rated episodes, she’s sharp as a tack and funny as hell. Oh, and she also has a legitimate following in Australia. Australia, people! Maggie’s had her fair share of ups and downs navigating the universe that is Los Angeles but the takeaway here is that if you build it, they will come. Shit wait, no, that’s not it. The takeaway is that if you want it bad enough and surround yourself with positive people who will support you no matter what, the possibilities are endless. We are so exicted to introduce Maggie to all of you so please, enjoy!



Job Posting I just read (bold added by me):

Travel Assistant / Personal Assistant (Full-time), Thousand Oaks, CA
Influential company in search of an on-call personal assistant for a successful business executive. This job requires an educated and well mannered on call assistant to take care of personal matters, domestic duties, travel on international business trips, interact with other executives in a professional manner, and enjoy the finer things in life. The company offers a base salary that will have plenty of room to grow.

Discreetly mixing business with pleasure FITS THE DESCRIPTION OF THIS ROLE. If this is a problem, PLEASE DO NOT REPLY.

There will be a scheduled screening once you have provided the following information. Salary: Competitive Salary. Date Posted: January 13, 2014.

Not Living the Dream - Final Podcast of 2013. As my mother would say, “MERRY FRIGGIN CHRISTMAS.”

Ep #12: Top 5 Reasons This Podcast Will Make You Unbearably Happy

Find out by listening now. Stefanie calls for an A&E Intervention on her Facebook usage, while Alison gets waaaay too involved in the Indian diplomat controversy over in the Al Jazeera comment section. We make resolutions, and, in the spirit of Alison’s BuzzFeed job prospect, present our own Top 5 Lists of 2013. Which somehow culminates in us skyping this podcast from the English countryside drinking in the riches of our sitcom pilot. 

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Is one of us moving to Portland? Why did Alison get paid to go to Saudi Arabia? And what does Queen Latifah have to do with any of it??

Find out the answers to these quesitons and more on the 11th episode of Not Living the Dream!

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NLTD is back! In this week’s episode, we get real with a capital “R.” Podcasts can’t always be roses and daisies, right? Stefanie shares her tales of woe at her current job (she almost held up a million dollar production from filming) and Alison laments on the Academy Award that could have been. Life can be tough sometimes, but that’s why we’re here to get you through it! #LA #LifeIsHard #NLTD